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Spare keys can be very handy and can be very useful. In case of emergencies, such as locking yourself out of your home or car, and it can save you money on locksmiths cost. However for home security you do not want to keep your keys in an easy to spot place.

Bad places to leave your keys are above door ledges, under door mats, under rocks or any where near your door. Hide-a-rocks can be found reliably quickly by experienced burglars. While hide-a-keys were a good invention when they first came out, they can be spotted easily now and stand out, and can make burglars life easier. A key that is easy for you or your kids to find is also easy for a burglar to find the best places to hide your key is a places you never hear about it, and if you hear about it, it's a good chance that the burglars know about it to.

Use your imagination and be original in your hiding places! Do not hide a spare Key near your door. Find place that will keep your keys keys in an easy to access place, but also keep your home secure and your family safe measures high. Keep a spare key of your car in the house and spare key of your house in the car, but when keeping a spare key in the car you should make invisible to ones eye to prevent a could be burglar from breaking in your car thinking that it is a key for your car. One device that can be handy is an Electronic key or combination lock. An Electronic key allows you to change the codes after someone uses it. It also keeps track electronically every time the door is opened. With a Combination lock you can easily change the combination. An Electronic lock box can be good as long as you have a good place for it. You can also keep spare keys in your garage and set up your garage to be opened remotely or by a keypad.

You can also keep a good relationship with a local locksmith that is available by simply keeping your locksmith's number handy so that you can call at any given time. There are many good locksmiths, however we highly recommend one locksmith .

Finally maybe the best places for spare keys is a good neighbor you can count on.

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